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Marketing For Sale

  • This is an unusual company that works on both sides of the aisle. We facilitate for a seller to be able to sell their property themselves for a lesser fee than the conventional real estate market. The Smart Alternative: ? Cost + 2 X Service = Quicker Sale The other side is a real estate service with very well trained agents. This gives the potential customer two choices for selling their home.


  • Details

    De-Lite-Full (Soup For The Planet

    MBA, LLC, announces a new and revolutionary invention in the food equipment industry. According to MBA CEO and inventor Jose Martin, the concept for the new device, which he co-invented with Angel Sanz, a longtime executive chef, was inspired by the time-consuming preparation and high energy use involved in soup preparation and the problems of storing large quantities of soup in restaurant kitchens.
    "U.S. Patent No. 8,448,567"





    Auction Now Group

    Auction Now Group, LLC offers a unique combination of knowledge and experience in real estate and auctioneering. Both principals of the business are real estate brokers with 70 years of experience and auctioneering for 20 years. We also do Non-Profit Auctions and have participated in numerous charitable events.


    Interstate Waste Technology

    America is facing a municipal waste disposal crisis. IWT is a development company that privately finances, designs, constructs, and operates waste processing facilities. Our Thermoselect process utilizes gasification to recycle 100% of waste into an energy rich syngas that can be used to generate electricity, diesel, hydrogen fuel, and other valuable recycled products.




    Leatherman & Associates

    I am part of an experienced real estate team which enables me to serve you as a highly trained professional. Please contact (me) Kim Leatherman for information about Baltimore City real estate (410) 763-8704. With 40 years of experience, contact me to list your property or to help you as a buyer's representative. I am a licensed real estate broker.